Finance Metadata Information Solution (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a high technology company specialized in “Internet + Finance” hardware and software development; and it's committed to providing professional, innovative, high-quality and efficient industrial customized services to global customers.

FDATA offers customized solutions including smart payment, mobile payment, fiscal/tax control system, logistics (express) system, lottery gaming system, cash register system, smart property system, smart ticketing, smart customer service, smart transportation, financial innovation, IOT (internet of things), and cloud computing etc.
Corporate Culture
"Innovation Responsibility Sharing Thankfulness"

Innovation: Innovating in feature, service, and experiences; exploring product value as if carving an artwork; providing customer surprised product and service - "WOW, that's exactly we need”.

Responsibility: Be responsible for customer, enterprise and society; Quality always the first.

Sharing: Share with customers, partners, and employees.

Thankfulness: Thankful for customers, partners, families, and to return society.

Core Mission:

Smart finance for better living.

Basic Principle:

Customer first, employee second, and shareholder the last

Group Introduction:
FDATA is a business unit of Longhorn group considering its development strategy and industrial specialization etc, which located in longhorn Hi-tech Estate of Longhua New District, Shenzhen.
Longhorn group founded in 1995, has 20 years history, owning an independent property rights "Longhorn Hi-tech Estate” with construction area over 30,000 square meters, which only for its internal business units. Longhorn has gradually fostered and established professional companies specialized in different industries: Longhorn Auto Electronics is specialized in automotive electronics; Longhorn Security is specialized in security; Longhorn Lighting is specialized in LED lighting; Inter-solar is specialized in solar energy; Finance Metadata is specialized in finance.
Longhorn group is China’s high technology enterprise with around 2000 employees including 300 experienced R&D staff, keeping more than 300 patents, and bring more than 80 innovative models to market every year. Taking the advantage of its manufacturing capacity of clean work-shop, advanced SMT lines, mold rooms, and high-level of laboratory rooms, Longhorn has successfully developed more than 100 cases for customers worldwide.

Finance Metadata Information Solution (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.