With highly integrated hardware and software, “All-in-One Android smart financial terminals" is perfect to replace the traditional financial equipment, and simply provide more powerful features and experience in a broader application scenarios.
  Through the product, merchants can display their goods for users to make pre-booking or pre-ordering. Users can choose to pay by cash directly, swipe credit card, scan QR code, or by NFC (Near Field Communication), which also with optional printed receipt or electronic receipt by mail. Furthermore, it can also integrate with staff management, statistics, sales report, membership card management, media marketing & advertising, and loyalty management functions.
  All of data can be uploaded to cloud timely, manage back-end servers and data storage. Our dual display touch screen payment solution support EMV L1 & L2, PCI PTS 4.0X.

Take the advantage of an excellent professional team, FDATA offers one-stop customized product and solutions to customers, which including product development (Appearance mechanical design, motherboard customization, system customization, driver design, application interfaces design, and cloud servers etc.) , mold development, product manufacture, and high-quality control etc.

FDATA has an experienced team to meet and complete strict security certifications for financial industry: CUP safety certification, EMV LV1 / LV2, PCI PTS 4.X